News Feature

  • 【News Feature 2】We Witness Together the Five-year Growth of the Company

    Pipe & Drilling Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded in June 2006. Time flies, the company has experienced its great changes from small to large, from weak to strong. Over the past five years, we experienced the severe situations of the reorganization and integration of the Great Wall Drilling Company and Oilfield company and faced undauntedly the global financial crisis. Through the self-reliant and earnest work of more than five hundred cadres and employees, the company completed ahead of schedule the drill collar project...

  • 【News Feature 1】The NS-1 Certificate of Approval

    Pipe & Drilling Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd is now actively applying for the NS-1 Certificate of Approval and making all the preparations in terms of hardware and software and etc in order to reach the NS-1 requirements. The company has already finished the 6-day authentication by the NS-1 assessment team on October 15, 2011. In respect of the whole process of the NS-1 authentication, the company's CPC work office interviewed the director of the Quality Assurance Department exclusively on November 2, 2011.